Original Interior of the Restaurant

Hotel Vabank Restaurant consists of several independent rooms. The first is the main dining room, located behind the hotel reception. Another one is the Vabank “vault” – a room located in the basement, in the former vault of the National Bank of Poland. On the roof there is a lovely terrace, and right at the entrance to the hotel – the lobby bar.


Beef tenderloin carpaccio100g28,00pln
Beef tatar100g23,00pln
Salmon carpaccio100g25,00pln
Seasonal appetizer prepared with olives and dried tomatoes18,00pln
Bruschetta with olives and dried tomatoes2 pcs15,00pln
Wild mushrooms soup with puff pastry lid250g15,00pln
Tomato cream soup with herbs250g13,00pln
Seasons soup recommended by the Chef250g12,00pln
Black pasta coloured with cuttlefish ink with shripms300g32,00pln
Spaghetti bolognese400g24,00pln
Penne carbonara400g24,00pln
Wild meat dumplings with garlic, thyme and butter6pcs.20,00pln
Curd cheese and potatoes dumplings with butter6pcs.18,00pln
Salad with basil vinaigrette with balsamic vinegar marinated chicken breast300g24,00pln
Salad with basil vinaigrette with feta cheese300g20,00pln
Fillet steak on toast with green pepper sauce and grilled vegetables180g58,00pln
Pork chop with bone served with boiled potatoes, braised cabbage or cucumber salad with wour cream200g32,00pln
Pork loin roulade on boletus sauce with potatoe pancakes and seasonal vegetables150g35,00pln
Duck breast confit in orange sauce served with potato dumplings in cinnamon and carmelized in honey apple pieces150g40,00pln
Grilled chicken breast stuffed with cream sauce with vegetable risotto200g29,00pln
Crispy halibut with black lentils served with vegetables and Hollandaise sauce200g42,00pln
Grilled salmon fillet with mango sauce served with seasonal vegetables and semi - wild rice200g42,00pln
Tomato cream soup with herbs150g8,00pln
Breaded chicken breast with french fries150g22,00pln
Cottage cheese dumplings ith butter5 pcs.8,00pln
Chocolate suflet150g15,00pln
Home-made cheesecake with raspberry preserves150g14,00pln
Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream150g15,00pln
Ice cream dessert with whipped cream3 pcs16,00pln
Hot cherries with ice cream2pcs15,00pln

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Trainings and Business Meetings

Hotel Vabank
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87 - 400 Golub - Dobrzyń
T: +48 56 682 02 70
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